Day Ten – 30 day Tarot Challenge

Day Ten – 30 day Tarot Challenge

Tarot d’Marseille – Noblet Deck.

“What is my truth for the day in a pair”

Knight of Batons, 5 Batons.

One third of the way through my 30 day challenge. So today I had planned to looked over the work I’d done so far. And look what came up today in the cards.
Batons represent work, effort, plans and building.
If you look carefully at the Knight he is literally looking over work that is behind him.

“So it’s time to review my work”

Doing this 30 day challenge has been an interesting exercise for me. Although I’ve been reading cards and doing divination in one form or another this challenge has bought me “out of the tarot closet”. Something I’ve been afraid to do and I started this blog project.
It’s also given me a chance to see clearly how daily readings link together day to day and also, as I’m using two cards on a daily bases, I’ve been able to apply different techniques to these cards.

This brings me to something I don’t see often on Facebook groups and forums. The layering of interpretation. Take these two cards for example. If we look at thee cards in different ways there is a layering of “meaning”.

The knight is an active principle of batons. If you look at him he’s facing one direction and turning to the other baton card. He’s returning to work. It’s a slight difference to my original reading but is it valid. Why yes dear reader. Today I returned to work after resting up with my sprained ankle.

We saw in yesterday’s reading that the Five of Batons was referring to the sprained ankle. The knight is now turning his attention to the sprain. He hold a tool (the baton) in his hand. He is applying this to the 5 ( the sprained ankle). The baton also looks like the part of the leg from ankle to lower leg. This turns into the central upright baton in the 5 the other four Batons being a stable base.

Putting this together it’s time to actively pursue the fixing the ankle with a tool to establish more stability in the injured limb. Interestingly enough I felt well enough this morning to apply a foam roller to my feet and lower leg which greatly relived the pain in my ankle. If you know about Myofascial Release you would know this had the potential to release the muscle structure stabilising the joints, increasing blood flow and facilitating healing.

These three examples should tell you something important about reading cards. That there are layers to the interpretation that can be all correct.


That’s enough for today I think. Here’s to another 20 days of the challenge.

Whatever you are doing today, may you find a deeper and deeper level of meaning in it.

Blessed be!


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