Day Nine – 30 day Tarot Challenge

Day Nine – 30 day Tarot Challenge

Tarot d’Marseille – Noblet Deck.

“What is my truth for the day in a pair”

Chariot, The Fool

IMG_2642The cards today were particularly pertinent.

Let’s take a short look how the Trumps function. In future blog posts I will be looking in detail at individual cards but for now we know a Chariot is a means of travel, and we can also see that the Fool is well, foolish, and off on a foolish walk.

This is how we determine what a Trump “means” in a reading. We look at the picture and ask ourselves “What am I looking at?”, “What does the thing I’m looking function, what does it do?”. In this way we can create a reading based on the function of the cards.

“Traveling today would be a foolish venture”

“hold on one cotton picking minute, TarotVitae. Didn’t you say a few days ago that you would pull an extra card to see where other cards are looking?”.

Why yes, I did. Thank you dear reader for reminding. Let’s do that!


If you remember a few days ago I sprained my ankle? Look at the 5 of wands here. In the number system I use 5 represent the body, after all we had 5 limbs, head, arms and legs. Batons represent the muscular system. I need health readings this could indicate stress and muscular tension and strains.

So we can say, me as the charioteer is paying attention to my sprained ankle. The chariot is was also a part of the Roman Triumph. He is a successful man.

Whats happening with LaPape (The Pope)?

Fool turns into the Pope. We have him there with two other people  and we know the Fool is, well, foolish. So you see we say “what is happening in the picture on the card?” We don’t have esoteric associations to remember. What we do as my teacher Camelia Elias is fond of saying. We “Read the damned cards!”

So, let’s put this all together into a coherent message. Short and sweet and too to point.

My truth for the day is:

Travelling today would be a foolish venture. The successful man pays attention to his sprained  ankle. The foolish man goes to other people. Who are you going to be today?

Today I chose to be the successful man. As I’ve said, I have a sprained ankle. I had previously arranged to meet two friends for the afternoon  in London. Even though I now have a stick, it’s still very painful to walk on. I really should rest it so I can return to work tomorrow. Trust me when I say I could have easily taken the foolish route and prolonged my recovery. I love my friends very much.

Instead I took the route of the successful man and postponed the visit to care and rest my ankle and I will visit when I’m fully recovered so we can enjoy each other’s company without worrying about my ankle.

Daily readings are seldomly earth shattering revelations, they are usually quite prosaic and down to earth. But every decision has consequences down the line. I will just have to wait and see where the decision for the successful route will take me.


Have a restful Sunday folks.







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