Day Eight – 30 day Tarot Challenge

Day Eight – 30 day Tarot Challenge

Tarot d’Marseille – Noblet Deck.

“What is my truth for the day in a pair”

The Fool, 9 coins

The mind is a wonderful thing. Sometimes, when looking at the cards, a proverb, pithy saying, song lyric, or poetic quote will pop into the mind encapsulating the meaning of the cards. I don’t know what mental mechanism causes this to happen but I’ve learned not to dismiss the significance of these things.

“A fool and his money are soon parted”

“From rags to riches”

But what to do? Which one to pick? When faced with a dilemma like this, where both are possible go with the one that is most probable.

So where have you mismanaged your finances?
Have you miscalculated and find your pockets empty like the fools purse? If there’s a problem face it and attend to it. If you don’t it might end up biting you on the bum.