Budapest Tarot | Sullivan Hismans

I’m not a big collector of different decks but after reading this great “snapshot” of the wonderful Budapest Tarot, this is going in my wish list.

upaya tarot

The Budapest Tarot is all the rage these days, and deservedly so. This beguiling deck, lovingly restored by Sullivan Hismans of Tarot Sheet Revival (“TSR”), merits high praise.

According to TSR, the deck dates from the late fifteenth to early sixteenth century, making it one of the oldest existing tarot decks, falling between the Visconti-Sforza and Modrone decks of mid-fifteenth century Italy and the earliest prototype Tarot de Marseille decks of mid-seventeenth century France. This is an intriguing time period in tarot history, with few readily accessible decks available, making the Budapest Tarot all the more enticing.

Original uncut sheets of cards are housed separately in two museums (Budapest and Metropolitan Museum of Art) and some private collections. None of the sheets are whole, and many of the images are themselves incomplete.

Sheet images of Popess, Emperor, and Wheel from–click here to see more.

Yet, fortunately for us, the content of…

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