Day Seven – 30 day Tarot Challenge

Day Seven – 30 day Tarot Challenge 

Tarot d’Marseille – Noblet Deck.

“What is my truth for the day in a pair”

4 Swords, 8 Coins.

“Old habits die hard.” So the saying goes.

Feeling hemmed in in all sides because of money? Is the need for money restricting where you can go and what you can do today? How much is that your habitual thinking and are these thoughts “Reality” or “just thoughts”?

What the hell are you worried about, man! The money is in the bank!

IMG_2611 2

Let’s look at the number  cards or “Pips”

Four of Swords: The number four is stable, it doesn’t change and Swords are trouble, problems so we have a problem that doesn’t change, that’s long standing. If we look at the picture on the swords we can see an enclosure with four thick corners. The flower is restricted. Here we can talk about a structure that restricts us, a hospital or prison or institution.

Eight of Coins: The number eight is thoughts, our hopes and fears. Coins are Money, material things, Mind, nervous system. W can budget for instance. We budget through fear of not having enough and the hope that our money will go further. If we look at the picture on the card is looks like a tower or building, an organisation. The foliage appears like the communication network in the building moving from floor to floor. The flower at the top the CEO, the flower at the bottom the workforce.

So we could say here that there is feeling of being hemmed in and restricted by our thought about money and there could be budgeting needed. A bank or financial institution could be involved.

The thing about thoughts is, they are all in the mind. They may or may not “create our reality”, as the new agers say, but they do determine our perception of reality. But are they true or false?

Our Ego would sat “TRUTH” to bolster us and “FALSE” to pull us down. As my teacher, card reader extraordinaire and Master of Detachment, Camelia Elias* might say: “They are just thoughts”, “detach, detach, detach and see reality for what it is.” but I digress….

Lets talk a little about number progression.

1 is a little, 10 is a lot. When the numbers in a sequence proceed upwards or fall back we can say there in an increase or decrease in something. But what? That is determined by the cards.

We can see in my daily draw, we move from 4 to 8. We can say what’s depicted by the four is doubles in size

So what actually expands from the four to eight. Look carefully at the flower in the four, sitting there hemmed in unable to grow, being restricted by those sharp cold blades. In the eight it’s changed into a huge vine circulating between the coins. There is growth, movement we are not stuck in the Four of Swords anymore.

Putting it together: Expanded reading. –(Note: When I read for myself I like to read “as if” I’m reading to another person. This allows for an element of detachment from the cards. Being detached from the cards is an important aspect of reading generally but is vital when reading for oneself)

You are feeling hemmed in, restricted around finances today. But these are habitual trains of thought rearing their head again. Whats the reality of this situation? There is more than enough to get by, even if budgeting is needed and you know money is in the bank ready to be circulated, and more is on the way. Check your negativity at the door, there is room to expand, if not today then very soon. The key truth today is no to let you thoughts restrict you when tire’s noting, in truth, to worry about.

Have day of freedom from your thoughts today  – TarotVitae


*Camelia Elias is a well respected teacher of all things cartomantic, the divinatory arts and an all round Zan Goddess. Author  of Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of ReadingThe Oracle Travels Light: Principle of Magic with Cards and THE POWER OF THE TRUMPS: A SUBTLE BURST (DIVINATION BOOKS. If you are interested in learning Tarot from a master and can get on one of her popular courses, check out her blog at Tarotflexions






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