Day Six -30 day Tarot Challenge

Day Six -30 day Tarot Challenge

Tarot d’Marseille – Noblet Deck.

“What is my truth for the day in a pair”

2cups, Knight Coins, 4 coins.

Harmony comes through the younger man pursuing financial stability.


So if you came here from Facebook or Instagram  you are probably still wondering why I suddenly had three cards instead of my usual two. (I would usually do a three and spread anyway, but the challenge was to draw a pair of cards)

This is called The law of Regard: This term was coined by PHILIPPE CAMOIN in 1999.

From Camoin’s Site: Phillipe Camoin: Law of Regard

“Several of the figures in the Tarot de Marseille are looking to the right or to the left. Such cards are said to have a Regard. When a figure in a card regards an empty space where there is no card, another card must be drawn and placed next to it in the direction of its Regard. This card can be upright or reversed. What is the first card thinking of, what is the card “regarding”? In this way the spread comes alive: a new card shows what the previous card is concerned with, what it is regarding. (In French, a “regard” suggests a connection, i.e. a literal glance or gaze, respect or esteem, or the object of concern.) “

So, when I pulled my two cards the Knight of Coins was looking off to the right. This is what called an “open spread.” Here the Knight is chasing after that tantalising coin. But what can that coin be? This is resolved by following the Law of Regard, which was satisfied by pulling the next card from the top of the deck, the Four of Coins.

As is always the case, the Tarot was right again. I can’t go into detail as it involves my partner but he had some wonderful news this morning.

I could have expanded on my reading but I decided to keep it as a snappy sentence.

Sappy sentences are a wonderful device for bringing………..Oh! but that’s for a later post.

So my dear reader. Whatever you are pursuing, may you achieve your goals.